Monday, December 13, 2004

My Last Weekend

The weekend is something that everyone should have fun . So, I had a
great weekend and I’m going to talk about why it was a great weekend.
First of all, on Friday after school I went to my home to relax. After
that, I went to my friend’s house because he had a party. I had fun there because I met new friends, I spoke English, and danced.
Second, on Saturday, I stayed in my house with my friends and my brother. We were watching a movie called ‘Break The Rule’ and then we played soccer. We had a good dinner. It was rice with chicken and we called it ‘Kabsa’. After that, I went to my room to listen to music and get to sleep.
Third, on Sunday, I stayed at home studying. For example, I studied grammar, listening, and core. Then I just sat and watched T.V until I went to bed.
In conclusion, I had such a wonderful weekend with my friends and my brother. People should enjoy every single weekend and share time with friends and relatives.


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