Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him)

My hero is the prophet Mohammed for many reasons. First of all,

people in the past and today keep calling him honest, trustworthy, and

unique. In fact, he never lied and all the people kept their possessions with

him when they traveled because he was trustworthy. Second, he showed the

people the right way. Because, in the past men didn’t respect women, they

were alcoholic, and didn’t know about the lord. They were in darkness.

Third, he was prudent and he knew how to deal with different situations.

Moreover, he convinced these people to stop the bad things that they were

doing and asked them to do the right things. For example, to treat people

right and pray to god. Finally, the Prophet Mohammed in not just my hero

but he is every muslims hero for what he showed us.


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