Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Internet In My Country

The Internet is something that is very important all over the world, and every one knows how to use it these days. In my country in the last decade the government of Saudi Arabia has developed the Internet. Also, the Internet is a great invention and it makes life easier these days. For example, in my country it helps students and teachers to search for any thing they want. And, children use the Internet more than adults. However, the Internet is like a weapon and it has positive and negative things.

In my country there is a lot of influence from the Internet that helps my country to be a modern country. The government helps the workforce and the students to know more about the Internet. For example, they send some of the workforce and students to take courses about the Internet, so they can teach other people how to use it. For example, the government uses the education part to let the students know more about the Internet. Also, the businessmen started to open a lot of places to use the Internet, like Internet cafés and it helps a lot of people who don’t have a computer and it’s cheap. In addition, it helps the people to communicate with the world and get new information. Finally, it helps the workforce in their buying, selling, and advertising.

In general the Internet has a lot of positive things and helps people around the entire world. The Internet makes life more easy these days, for example, every one can get a lot of information that they wants to know, like the world news or any kind of information that people want to know about. Also, it helps to communicate with the world and make new friends. And, every one can buy any thing they want to buy from the Internet. For example, cars, materiel or any thing you want to have. However, no one these days can stop Internet addiction.

On the other hand, like every thing has some positive aspects, it also has negative aspects. It was very expensive to use the Internet when it started working in Saudi Arabia and the computers also were expensive. After that, the prices became lower. A lot of children don’t want to stop playing games and it’s easy for them to view the bad home page in my country. Also, the criminals steal a lot of things, for example, they take money from your account or steal important things from your computer by hacking your computer or send viruses to it.

In conclusion, the Internet is like a weapon you can use for good or bad things. Also, the Internet in Saudi Arabia is very important and it makes life easier for the people who live there. Also, the percent of the people who use the Internet in Saudi Arabia has been increasing. The people who invented the Internet help the world to make their life easier. And, I hope in the future that people should use this invention in a good way that helps people to communicate with each other and to get information not destroying each other by hacking computer or send viruses to each other.


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