Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mass Media Today

The thesis of “Mass Media Today” from Academic Encounters (2002), says do not believe everything you see or hear from the Mass Media. First of all, the problem is that reporters fail to check the facts, the reporters do not check carefully for the information and they write what they hear without checking. For example, the Newspaper announced that some people died when they really didn’t. Second, misrepresentation by reporters is cased by them misunderstanding the people they interview or they want to make the story more serious or more incredible. For instance, some of the reporters when they get information they add to it more details that exist, then they write about it, sometime they make the facts exaggerate to make it exciting. Third, misrepresentation happens when the reporters make an interview with someone and he writes things that he never asked about. Last, some of the news on the net is rumors that didn’t happen but reporters put it to everybody to see their reaction. In conclusion, the Mass Media does not always give you true reports or it is overwritten, so my advice to everybody who gets any kind of news, which you read or see, is to make sure that it is true.


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