Monday, May 09, 2005

Computers and Crime

The thesis of “Computers and Crime” from Academic Encounters (2002) by Brown and Hood, says the affect of computer crime has been increasing. Moreover, with the advances in technology, especially the using of computer that must be use in the right way, for example, business and research, but the people use it in the wrong way. For example, stealing not just money, but also information. It is estimated that approximately two billion dollars worth of computer software is stolen from the Internet every year. Also, the U.S. government estimated that 250,000 attempts were made cite in 1996 to hack into the computer of its defense installation. However, there are also crimes associated with selling over the Internet. For example, fraud, some people sell you something that they do not have. Another example, phishing is when a person sending you an email that asking you for personal information. For example, credit card numbers or social security numbers, in order to steal money or identities. In addition, computer viruses can be sent to you into programs and documents, and it can damage any computer that the viruses attack. However, police has difficult job to know who commit it. One reason, many computer crimes are not reported to the police. On the other hand, like these people use the computer to commit crime, it helps police in some ways. For instance, photographs of suspects and wanted criminal on the Internet.
I agree with the authors that computer has positive and negative aspects. In general the computer has a lot of positive things and helps people around the entire world to have easier life. However, without the computer you cannot connect with the Internet. In addition, the Internet makes life easier these days, for example, everyone can get a lot of information that they want to know, like the world news or research. Also, it helps the police to solve some of the crime. For example, photographs of suspects and wanted criminals. So, everyone in the world must use the computer in that way.
On the other hand, like every thing has some positive aspects, it also has negative aspects. However, the criminals steal a lot of things, for example, they steal money from your account or steal personal information from your computer by hacking your computer or by sending viruses to it. Also, downloading or copying without permission, which is usually against the law and 35 percent, do not think it is wrong. However, we can prevent these problems by several ways, for example, Spam block or firewall or any kind of system that can protect your computer.
However, in my opinion there is no way to prevent the hacking. Because, the hackers know how to break the system. Also, they know a lot of information about the goal they want. For example, the “Old National Bank” has been hacked, from someone who breaks into the system by hacking and steals personal information like social security number. So, with this kind of information, the hackers can get any things like, credit cards or servers. However, it’s difficult job for the police to catch the criminal. Because, they are many computer in all over the U.S and they might use some one else computer.
In conclusion, the computer has two ways to use, the negative, and the positive ways. However, there are some group know how to hack in to some website or anything against the law, and these are the negative ways. In addition, we can prevent this kind of problem by several ways, for example, spam block or firewall or any kind of system that can protect your computer. On the other hand, if we use the computer in the right ways, for example, research or business or any kind of information, then the problem will be solve.


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