Tuesday, August 30, 2005


In “Myths of globalization,” R. Peters says that we have illusions about globalization. Examples of different kinds of globalization are the internationalization of trade, services, investment, and information sharing. However, we think that globalization could lead humanity to world peace. For example, through Islam the Middle East managed peacefully the way of trade between the West and the Far East. There are more similarities between cultures in the past; nowadays there are a lot of differences between them. Also, globalization has distorted international relationships deeply; nevertheless it never changed the nature of humanity. So, the second legend of globalization has very old ancestry and that is peace. And, the people’s wish to have faith in a worldly heaven is old and comprehensible. However, today the meaning of globalization is anxiety, which ignores the truth of globalization. Everything in the world has positive and negative aspects and so does globalization. One example of the positive thing of globalization is the Internet. So, no matter what happens with globalization of change, it would not distort the human nature.

I agree with the author that globalization has bad points and it could not change human nature. There are many reasons which make me think that globalization can be dangerous, or globalization is not a good idea. First, globalization brings rules to follow, which I think not every country could follow. For example, my country, Saudi Arabia, has disagreed with the world trade of business, which means if Saudi Arabia agrees, we will have alcoholics in our country, which is against our religion “Islam”. So, that means International trade is more complex and integrated. I think the more rules there are, the greater it would be.

Second, I think globalization means control which might cause disparities between billions of people all over the world. For example, when some country, for example China, controls the business of the world, we would worry about it. This is because control of the market means you get most of the money, which means you could buy anything you want.

Finally, there is an important thing that we should do as humans; we should know which way is right and which way is wrong. I think we as humans should think or plan to do something before we do it. I mean we should think of the thing that we want to do or ask ourselves, is that right or wrong or ask someone who knows, so he can give us advice.

In conclusion, there are many reasons which I think make globalization a bad idea. First of all, not every country could follow globalization’s rules. Second, controlling the world by globalization could cause disparities in the world. Finally, we should think about the thing we do before we do it, and whether it is right or wrong.

* Reference:
Peters, R. (2005, May 23). Myths of globalization. USA Today. Retrieved Aug 23, 2005 from Lexis/Nexis.


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