Wednesday, September 14, 2005

China and the US

In “Mishandling the China challenge” F. Zakaria (2005, Aug 15) says, that China’s trying to buy Unocal Corp. Looking at China’s history, we can see that China is smarter than the United States in the way they handle each other. Recently, CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp) finished their bid to buy Unocal. But, the Congress is against this deal. However, it is hard to break down this deal, because China already overpaid in their second offer. So, by trying to stop this deal, the United States warned the world and showed them how dangerous it could be. Also, we could infer that the United States could not wait to see China’s economy rise. That means they wanted to stop their economy before it rose. Moreover, if Unocal close the world energy sector and change it to be foreign investment. The US won’t have much damage, because they will end the deal. Nevertheless, that might slow china’s economic, which is open; also it could cause economic and political problems for the US. If we compares between the US military and China’s budget, we can see that the US spends around $400 billion every year, while China consumes about $70 billion on average. So, China’s increase the presents of chance and great confront to the world, also a threat to the world.

In view of China, which is trying to buy Unocal, I disagree with the way of the US, which is trying to stop China from buying Unocal. I think the US is worried about China taking the lead in world business. However, there are many reasons, which make me disagree with the way of the US in mishandling China. Globalization means control, which might cause disparities between countries. The US is one of the countries which is taking the lead in business. But, free trade and globalization bring the possibility that one country can dominate the world. For example, when some country, for example China, controls the business of the world, we would be worried about it, as the world was worried about the US. So, I think globalization has bad points.

Moreover, there are other reasons, which make me think that globalization can be dangerous, or globalization is not a good idea. Globalization brings rules to follow, which I think not every country could follow, or it could cause problems with other countries. For example, Unocal is good example of that. I mean there are problems between the US and China, which I think were not problems in the beginning. Because both countries I think agree with the world free trade of business that could let them buy anything. However, if there were a rule the problem might be solved from the beginning.

Also, I think China is smarter than the US in handling each other. As the entire world knows, the US is one of richest countries in the world. Also, they spend a lot of money without thinking about the future. On the other hand, China does not have a lot of money, but they know how to make money. Also, they know how to develop themselves so fast with infinite new technology, which helps them to become a more developed country. However, I think the US should educate more people and think of the future more seriously. So, if the US take care more of the education parts they might be able to get new technology and be in the lead of business again.

In conclusion, there are many reasons which make me disagree with the way of the US in mishandling China. Globalization means control. Second, there is no rule in globalization but if there was a rule than I think there might be no problem. Finally, the US must work hard in order to get new technology as China is working hard.

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