Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Energy policy In the US

There are many reasons which make me think that the problem between the US and China is more about globalization, which can be dangerous, or that globalization is not a good idea. So, the problem is between the US and China. According to L. Tyson (2005), CNOOC Ltd. was trying to buy Unocal Corp. CNOOC Ltd. is one of the biggest oil companies, of which most is owned by the government of China (70%). And, they made an offer to buy Unocal, which is for $18.5 billion. Moreover, looking at China’s history, we can see that China is smarter than the United States in the way they handle each other. So, it is hard to break down this deal, because China already overpaid in their second offer. So, by trying to stop this deal, the United States warned the world and showed them how dangerous it could be. Also, we could infer that the United States could not wait to see China’s economy rise (Zakaria, 2005). Basically, the US does not care about Unocal; they are more worried about China, which is causing a threat to the national security of the US. The US won’t have much damage, if they end the deal. Nevertheless, that might slow China’s economy, which is open; also it could cause economic and political problems for the US. However, the US should not be worry about china, they should be worried more about the energy policy. I am going to write about three things that should be done about energy policy in the US. First, oil and coal are the biggest energy suppliers now and these kinds of resources, which are non-renewable energy, can vanish in the future. And, I think this kind of energy can effect the environment. For example, global warming has increased over the past millennium and it is a problem. Second, solar, wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric power should be used the most in the US, because it is renewable energy and cannot vanish. Finally, the US needs new technology to solve the problem, which is finding ways to get an energy supply. And that will happen, if more boys and girls enter physical, science, and engineering schools. However, a lot of people migrate to the US, which is bad for the US in some ways, and so the US should develop its school system and try to decrease the number of immigrants.

First of all, in view of the increasing US population and its demand for energy, the US should try to develop its energy supply in the future. By using a kind of energy which is nonrenewable, we will face many problems. First, the temperature is rising, which is causing the weather to change. Second, there is more carbon dioxide; I think if we burn all the coal, we are going to get a lot of energy, but we will face depletion in the ozone layer. Finally, global population has quadrupled and energy consumption has increased. So, this is why the US should shift away from nonrenewable energy, and we can avoid these problems by using renewable energy. Moreover, if the US government makes some lows, they can decrease the present use of nonrenewable energy. For example, increase the taxes of the gas so they can save some energy, or decrease the SUV, which consume a lot of energy.

But, solar, wind, nuclear power, and hydro-eclectic should be used the most in the US. Nuclear power has low cost and creates a less polluted environment than oil. I think developing nuclear power is a good thing for the US since it will provide enough energy for the future. However, the US is also looking into hydro-electric power, which means the US will have enough energy to cover their daily supplies of energy. If nuclear power is combined with hydro-electric and each one of these powers have advantages, this will help the US to grow their economy. The US could develop rapidly if they want but it would take a lot of energy to do that. Then, if we use the energy in a good way, we will be able to save the environment of the US. For example, when the US uses nuclear power to kill people or stores it in the wrong place, then what will happen to the environment? We hope they are using it for civilian purposes.

Finally, the US needs new technology to solve their energy problem. So, to get the technology the US must change their school system in order to decrease the present
Immigrants. And, it needs education, which depends on whether the person wants to study or not, because the US needs more educated people than before in order to solve its
energy problem.

In conclusion, the US should try to develop its energy supply in the future by using less Non-renewable energy, using more renewable energy, and improving technology are great things that should be done about energy policy in the US. Also, that will help their economy to grow up. However, if the US starts working hard from now on they might be able to decrease their demand of energy in the future and increase the economy of the country. Moreover, they would be able to get more energy research, and resolve the energy problem before the problem happens.

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