Thursday, October 06, 2005


The word globalization comes from the world global, which means worldwide. However, the new market opportunities of business models associated with globalization have been key drivers of organizational. So, the company wants to improve their cost by globalization and export goods and services to another country. Also, globalization is the key for business in this day, which lets everyone in the world open their business in the other country or buy. Basically, the Internet makes business extend in the entire world. A good example of that is music; you can download music and listen to it free in the Internet. So, the idea of globalization is a good idea in some ways for the companies, which get money, but for the other it might be a bad idea. For example, the musician, might go out of business because they do not get paid. However, the political concerns to these companies are how to attract the consumer. I mean, “ an older crowd who downloads a song or two and then, if they like what they hear, go out and buy the music” (Silverstone, 2004, par.3). The customer downloads the song free, and when he likes it he might go and buy it; that is marketing.

Basically, the businesspeople want to extend their company by globalization. So, they have to unfold their business to other countries. For example, many music companies want their CD to be the first selling in the market. Therefore, they know what kind of music every group needs and what can make them satisfied. However, “many “anti-globalization” activists love the global village but rail against the corporate” (Porter, 2005). That is because the big company is having advantages but the other company or the musician is not.

In conclusion, globalization can be dangerous, or globalization is not a good idea. Globalization is the new key of organization, which might help business to extend by the Internet. So, there are two sides; the first side is the people who have advantages and the other side is the people who have the disadvantages but not all the time.

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